Incomplit Magic Mirror Bomber Ceket

570,00 TL

INCOMPLIT is a social initiative that believes in power of stories.
It believes in giving, and for children it gives story-completing ateliers to explore their potential as a ‘ dreamer’ and as a ‘ creator’. The time and the effort of these beautiful talents become embroidery to complete the INCOMPLIT designs. 
Under our label, we are donating a part of the profit to the NGO which we collaborate with.
We do care for human. That’s why all our products are human made in a humanistic way.
We do care for nature. That’s why all our products are made from ecologic and recycled materials.
We do care for solidarity. That’s why all our products are collaborative works of brave initiatives, wise artisans and enthusiastic designers.
Hoping all our dreams and stories forever nurture one another…

Mezapotamya topraklarından beslenen hikayeler dinleyerek hayaller kurduk. Hitit Mitleriyle uyanıp, Osmanlı masallarına daldık. Sizin öykünüze katılmak için ellerimizle yarattık.


  • Materyali: Sırt transparan kumaş, Dokuma ipek ve pamuk organze 
  • Renk: Çok renkli
  • Bakımı: Kuru Temizleme
  • 0.F9A.8ED.ECE6
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